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Adrien Broner vs Eloy Perez: Perez Won't Go to Cincinnati, Won't Fight on November 26

Eloy-perez-el-principe_medium Ryan Maquiñana reports at that Eloy Perez's team won't go to Cincinnati to fight native son Adrien Broner, nor are they available to fight on November 26. A Broner vs Perez fight has come into play with the news yesterday that Ricky Burns is likely to pull out of his 11/26 date with Broner.

Here's what trainer Sam Garcia said:

"We feel it's career suicide to go to Cincinnati and fight on Broner's terms. ... The reason we cannot fight November 26 is because my sister Melissa Garcia is getting married, and my mom and dad and the rest of the family have planned this for a long time. ... This is purely a managerial decision to set these stipulations that aren't that difficult to accomplish."

Garcia may be right and wrong here. While he's not wrong to balk at going to Broner's hometown for the fight, the date might not be movable because HBO doesn't have availability in December for a fight like this. It's not even clear that they'd buy the fight for 11/26, but if they did decide to invest in it, it would pretty much have to be on that date. HBO has the Cotto vs Margarito pay-per-view on December 3, and Amir Khan is tentatively set for December 10. After that, you're getting closer to the Christmas season than HBO usually likes to air, with the only dates being 12/17, 12/24 and 12/31, and obviously the last two aren't going to happen.

Is there room on TV to make this fight in December? Maybe, but probably not. And having the fight without TV wouldn't make sense, either.

If Perez isn't available, Broner could fight the next-highest ranked contender for the would-be vacant WBO super featherweight title, which would be Luis Cruz (who fights on Saturday on the Gamboa vs Ponce de Leon card) or Will Tomlinson.

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