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Mayweather vs Ortiz: HBO Fight Speak With Floyd Mayweather Jr (Video)

On Ricky Hatton: "In the Hatton fight, Hatton was gonna come in and apply a lot of pressure, because every fighter's game plan is to apply a lot of pressure -- pressure, pressure, pressure. My thing is just to be me. Be Floyd Mayweather and stick to what I've been doing. I felt in my heart, once I dropped him and he got up, I felt that the fight was over. When he got up, he still was kinda weary, he wasn't 100% coherent, but I'm glad that Joe Cortez gave him a chance to keep fighting. A guy that's fought his whole life to get to that point, you gotta give him a chance, you gotta give him an opportunity. I must take my hat off to Hatton. He came to win, he came to fight."

Scott's Take: Well, pretty much. Not a lot to argue with here, though I'm sure Mayweather giving credit to Joe Cortez steams some of the Hatton fans who to this day feel like Cortez took Hatton out of the fight long before the stoppage.

On Juan Manuel Marquez: "Marquez was a comeback fight, had to be very cautious because I was off two years. Take my time, be smart, take control from the opening bell, and just dominate the fight. Marquez is a future Hall of Famer, a guy that's known to get knocked down more than just once in a round, and come back and perform well. I knew I had to be on my A-game, he had to do the same. But when me and Marquez met, the best man won that night, which was myself."

Scott's Take: There isn't a lot to say about the physical mismatch that was Mayweather vs Marquez, so Floyd doesn't say a lot here. While careful to make the fight seem as good as he possibly can, I think it's also pretty clear Mayweather doesn't believe in Marquez as being one of his best wins. I think Floyd thought the fight was relatively safe going in, which is why he chose it after a 21-month layoff, but to this day I don't think Mayweather thought it would be quite as easy as it was. Marquez barely ever put leather on him over 12 rounds. As for why they'd choose this one over the Mosley fight, which I feel still was a more impressive victory, I'm guessing it's because public opinion of Shane Mosley right now is in the turlet.

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