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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Floyd Mayweather Jr Works Out, Speaks to Media (Video)

Via In This Corner with James Smith:

I think my favorite part is when Floyd intends to educate us on USADA, then struggles to remember what, exactly, "USADA" stands for.

Mayweather: "It's about being clean, you know. I've been the first to step up and show the world that Floyd Mayweather is a clean athlete. For everybody that's listening, I'm not duckin' or dodgin' no opponents. Any opponent that faces Floyd Mayweather, same thing happened before the Shane Mosley fight. So I'm not just picking on 'certain fighters.' This goes for every fighter that's facing Floyd Mayweather."

Mayweather: "What we try to do is this. We want to be responsible, have discipline. A lot of fighters don't have discipline, discipline as far as -- I may not be working out, but I'm not just eating anything, and not letting my weight balloon up. I think that's a sign of a true champion. Boxing is not just a sometimes sport. This is a lifetime thing. And like I said before, I wanna go out there and be at my best."

There's no arguing that Floyd stays in remarkable shape all the time. It seems like he never gets very far off of his fighting weight, and I've yet to ever see a photo of Mayweather where he doesn't look like he's in shape to fight on a moment's notice.

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