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ShoBox Weights, Photos and Quotes: Arroyo vs Sanchez, Kayode vs Cora

Tonight's edition of ShoBox: The New Generation is live from Hinckley, Minn., at 11 p.m. EDT on Showtime. Bad Left Hook will have live round-by-round coverage tonight. In the main event, Vincent Arroyo and Hector Sanchez came in at their catchweight limit of 143 pounds, while co-feature cruiserweights Lateef Kayode and Felix Cora Jr both weighed 198

All photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

Hector Sanchez


"I'm very happy to be here and I know I will win by KO in the later rounds.

"He (Arroyo) is an excellent fighter and a very good test for me at this stage in my career.

"I respect him, but I'm ready for anything he might throw at me."

Vincent Arroyo


"It's going to be sensational. I'm going to be sensational. I feel excellent. Training couldn't have gone better.

"I feel good about my success, but I still have a lot to learn and I still have to train very hard.

"Hector is a good fighter, but he's got to go because he's my next victim. I'm the stronger and smarter guy and I'm determined to win."

Lateef Kayode

"I trained so hard for this fight and I'm so well-prepared. It depends how he fights. If he runs around and slaps, he might last for a while. If he fights he won't last.

"He (Cora) makes the same mistake over and over and exposes his chin. I have to capitalize on that because he doesn't have a great chin.

"ShoBox has really made my career what it is up to this point. I'm just so proud to be back on SHOWTIME. Sure, I'm looking for bigger and better things but I have to be patient right now and realize there isn't a huge market for cruiserweights like myself in America.

"We're not looking past Felix Cora. He could present problems being a southpaw, but we've studied him and just have to keep to our game plan and we'll be fine."


Felix Cora Jr.

"I feel good and very confident. I won't make predictions, but it'll be an entertaining fight. I'll feel him out early and do my best.

"He's a great fighter, very tough, well-conditioned and very determined.

"I appreciate him giving me this opportunity and it'll feel good to be champion."

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