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Klitschko vs Adamek: 24 Hours to Go (Video)

This is awesome, and from Team Klitschko:

You know what? No more. No more saying that the Klitschko brothers can't appeal to American fans. American fans just don't get the right exposure to the Klitschkos. Like, what isn't cool about this? It's all dramatic and imposing and intimidating. Tomasz Adamek is a flickering head on a television. Vitali Klitschko is a monster assassin, furiously abusing the pads.


I think I'm liking the Klitschkos more and more. They're cool, they're methodical, and they dismantle opposition. And they make sweet YouTube videos. There's a way to market them in America, but nobody's doing it. By insisting upon them "dominant" and nothing more, they're short-changed. They have personalities.

As for Adamek, he's not making any cool videos. He's just getting ready to fight. It seems like the consensus is he'll put in a great effort and go down swinging, but without meaning any disrespect to Adamek, I don't know, I'm just not seeing anything unusual happening here.

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