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Carl Froch And Lucian Bute Discussing Two Fights

Will Lucian Bute be smiling after he fights Carl Froch?  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Will Lucian Bute be smiling after he fights Carl Froch? (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Before the Super Six finals, there were rumors that Froch and Bute were going to fight regardless of the outcome of Carl Froch and Andre Ward. These rumors seem to be coming to fruition according to Dan Rafael over at ESPN. Maybe in a nod to soccer playoffs, these two are going to do a home and home. What this means is that there are going to be two fights, one in Montreal and one in Nottingham. Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport, Carl Froch's promoter, commented on the on going discussions.

"We have penciled two dates -- April 14 for Montreal and Aug. 4 in Nottingham -- for the 'home and away' bouts. Don't see why we can't get this boxed off in the next week or so."

Lucian Bute's advisor also commented about the marketability of a potential fight between Bute and Froch.

"I think there is more of a story regarding Froch in Canada. For our fans in Canada, Froch has been talking against Lucian for the past five years so it's a very easy fight to promote for us."

Dan Rafael commented that not all of the details of the fight have been totally ironed out. For example, if the first fight was a KO or a complete one-sided domination, then the second fight would be tough to market.

On a personal level, I really like these fights. Froch is a tough skilled fighter who is simply not at the same level as Andre Ward. However, this isn't a slight to Froch, Ward simply has a bad stylistic matchup for him. Bute on the other hand is completely untested with his best victory coming against Sakio Bika or Librado Andrade. I feel like Bute does not have any seasoning whereas Froch has an extreme level of seasoning because of the Super Six on top of difficult matchmaking. I definitely see Froch taking this fight easily. Bute's power and skill are very overrated and Froch is honestly a big step up for Bute. Bute seems to have the tools but I have yet to see him against great competition. Need I remind you that both Khan and Ortiz looked fantastic before they stepped up in competition. Who do you guys think wins in the battle between Bute and Froch?

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