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Mayweather vs. Guerrero: Guerrero's Manager Speaks

Get ready to see this a bunch if Robert Guerrero gets a fight with Floyd Mayweather. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Get ready to see this a bunch if Robert Guerrero gets a fight with Floyd Mayweather. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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The hot rumor of the week is that Robert Guerrero is going to Floyd Mayweather's opponent for his May 5th date at the MGM Grand. The question that most boxing fans had were "what has Robert done to earn this shot?" Guerrero's manager Bob Santos answered this question along with a few others in an interview with Ryan Maquiñana of Boxing Scene and CSN Bay Area (Bay Area Represent!).

"There's no doubt about it. Robert has done everything he can do, in my opinion, inside the ring. He's won multiple world championships in multiple divisions. He's undefeated in world title fights. He's went overseas to beat champions on their home turf. Then couple that with the things he's dealt with outside the ring and I think it's going to be a tremendous pay-per-view once he gets on 24/7 or goes on CNN with Piers Morgan.

"Look, Floyd's going to sell what he's going to sell. He's going to do X amount of buys regardless of if he fights the ice cream man. That being said, when people see that Robert's won multiple world championships and undefeated in title fights, and see the story behind him and the person he is in and outside of the ring, I think that's what's going to appeal to the guy in the softball league or the soccer mom."

Alright so this is looking at Guerrero through the rosiest lens on the face of the earth. He's not really undefeated in world championship fight since Orlando Salido dominated him at featherweight but then Salido tested positive for the steroid Nandrolone. However, he was immediately given another test where he tested negative. Also the fight he had overseas was Spend Abazi for the vacant title after Salido tested positive for steroids. This is Guerrero's only fight abroad, so he hasn't exactly beaten champions abroad, he has fought abroad for a vacant title. Guerrero also has another no contest in a title fight against Daud Yordan. So he hasn't exactly won all of his title fights either. However, the most important reason why the #NoToGuerrero movement took hold is that Robert has zero fights at 147 and only one fight at 138. There will be a gigantic size mismatch between the two, which Floyd will use to destroy the Ghost. I really hate that this fight seems very likely because it is a terrible matchup.

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