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Muhammad Ali at 70: The Emotional End of His Boxing Career (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

This is a clip from one of the countless TV specials that have been dedicated to Muhammad Ali over the last 30 years. One of the brutal realities of boxing as a spectator sport, and for fans of the sport, is that eventually, you will watch your favorite fighters lose it. It's never pretty. This is a demanding, violent, often cringe-inducing profession.

But there may have never been a sadder exit from the sport, on such a massive level, with video evidence to relive painfully, than that of Muhammad Ali. This clip focuses on his fight with Larry Holmes in October 1980. Ali was, to be kind, a shell of his former self. He was nowhere near the man who had once ruled the ring.

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Ali, of course, lost badly, and would lose badly again in another ill-advised comeback attempt in 1981 against Trevor Berbick. Ali did not win a single second of his fight with Holmes, who had the unfortunate and regrettable task of having to pummel a legend.

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"I begged him -- begged him to quit. He said to me, 'I wanna show you something,' and he took his shirt off. It was absolutely mind-boggling. He looked exactly the way he looked when he fought Sonny Liston the first time. And I said, 'That doesn't prove anything, Muhammad.' And he said, 'Well, I fooled you then, and I'm gonna fool you tomorrow.' And I wish he had." -- Jerry Izenberg

"Then they rang the bell. And within a round, you knew it wasn't Ali." -- Ron Borges

"To watch him just get beaten up without putting up a fight -- he's just standing in a corner, just being beaten to a pulp. It brought tears to my eyes." -- Charley Steiner

"I remember sitting there at ringside, and Holmes shouting to the referee, 'Stop this! Stop it! I'm gonna hurt him!' And then boom, hitting him. I don't think Ali hit him five times all night. It was the saddest sports event I ever covered." -- John Schulian

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