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Freddie Roach Interview: Roach Says HBO Show Won't Change Him, Will Show His True Life

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In an interview with SB Nation MMA senior editor Luke Thomas, Freddie Roach says that his new show "On Freddie Roach," which debuts tomorrow on HBO, won't change his life, but will give viewers the truth, warts and all.

Listen to the full interview above, or read the full transcript at that link. Here's a sample:

Luke Thomas: This is the first time it's ever been just you and just you in many ways outside of boxing. When you saw yourself, did you see something you maybe didn't realize about yourself or maybe that you noticed that was kind of surprising to you?

Freddie Roach: Yeah, I get a little mean at Marie, my assistant, at times. I should be nicer (laughs). The thing is I was really surprised that the tremors are as bad as they are. I thought I had better control of my tremors, but when I'm concentrating somewhere else they just do what they want. It was maybe a little embarrassing at first to watch.

I thought I was a pretty boring person, but Peter Berg and Lampley thought I was wise and saw something. They really brought it out. You get a really true look at my life. There's nothing scripted. There's nothing they've asked me to do or told me to do. It's just me. When I get in a bad mood, I'm in a bad mood. When I'm in a good mood, I am. They've captured a lot of both.

Luke Thomas: Do you feel a sense of vulnerability being on this show? It's a good show for you and your brand and your business and everything else, but you're showing people your Parkinson's treatment. Do you feel vulnerable?

Freddie Roach: Yeah, a little bit. I do, but the thing is I'm a very open person. I talk about it freely if someone has a question to ask me about it. I have no problem ever just giving them the truth. That's one thing I like about the show. Everything is truth. It's just my life and it gives people a look at what we go through every day. Sometimes it's a struggle, but when we win big fights it brings a lot of happiness. That's what makes me tick: winning fights.

Earlier we posted a preview clip of the show and we'll have a couple more up later today. Like I said then, this has gone from a project I wasn't really anticipating to something I'm very much looking forward to seeing.

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