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Ramos vs Rigondeaux Results: Matt Villanueva, Joel Diaz Jr, Javier Molina Post-Fight Interviews (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On last night's Ramos vs Rigondeaux card in Las Vegas, three of Goossen Tutor's undercard fighters were victorious. Here are some post-fight interview clips with Matt Villanueva, Joel Diaz Jr and Javier Molina.

Joel Diaz Jr
Fight Recap: Diaz Tops Robb in War

"It was much harder than I thought. I thought it was gonna be an easy one, but -- I mean, my last fights were all first-round knockouts. Everybody's not the same. He came out with a lot of heart. He dropped me. I shouldn't have got hit with that punch, it was a lucky punch. I mean everybody, I mean -- I guess we learn from it, you know? That's what I learn from it. I came up strong and we were going toe-to-toe. He came out with a good heart and so did I, but I came out with a bigger heart."

"We went, what was it, seven rounds? Seven good rounds. We were going toe-to-toe. Like I said, Guy Robb is a pretty good fighter. He's the toughest opponent I've ever had in my seven fights. But, I mean, if he wants to do another rematch, then that's on him, but I'm pretty sure he's not gonna want another one, you know?"

This is one of those moments where, two months shy of 30, I can feel time sinking in. I also remember being 19 myself, and thinking, "Damn, I know stuff, and I'm a grown up," but no, I was still a kid. Diaz seriously looks like he's 14 years old and sounds like he's 19. That weirds me out. He's got a lot of talent, and I was impressed by how well he held up going seven rounds for the first time (hell, going over four for the first time), but the dude's a pup, and you really see that with this interview.

Matt Villanueva
Fight Recap: Villanueva Stops Ruiz

"This is my first time going this many rounds. This proves I can go the distance."

"(Ruiz) is a tough guy. He took a lot of punishment. He came back from a knockdown. I was surprised he went on from there. ... I thought he was going down. He took a really hard shot, and he was wobbly, but he kept on going. He's tough. Respect."

"I'm gonna take a little break, then just get the show on the road."

Javier Molina

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