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NBC Sports Fight Night Results: Bryant Jennings Takes Main Event Win Over Maurice Byarm

Bryant Jennings had a bit too much for Maurice Byarm in tonight's Philly heavyweight showdown on NBC Sports. (Photo by Peltz Boxing)
Bryant Jennings had a bit too much for Maurice Byarm in tonight's Philly heavyweight showdown on NBC Sports. (Photo by Peltz Boxing)
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Bryant Jennings won the showdown of Philly heavyweight prospects against Maurice Byarm in tonight's NBC Sports Fight Night main event, capping a good debut show with a solid main event between a pair of hungry, untested fighters.

Jennings (12-0, 5 KO) was just that bit more technically sound and polished than Byarm (13-1-1, 9 KO), and was able to score a decision win on tallies of 97-93, 96-94 and 96-94 by taking the early and late rounds of the fight. Bad Left Hook scored it 97-94 for Jennings, a 27-year-old mechanic who was getting his first bit of real exposure with this fight.

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Jennings scored with eye-catching flurries and some hard right hands along the way, and though the lighter man, was able to muscle Byarm, 29, to the ropes repeatedly. Byarm did have his moments in the fight, landing good, hard body shots, and doing very well in the middle rounds when it appeared that Jennings was gassing out.

The fight was certainly no classic, but a good case can be made that for pure quality and entertainment, this was a better fight than the originally scheduled Chambers vs Liakhovich main event would have been. The real bottom line is that they didn't stink out the joint, they both gave their best even when exhausted in the late rounds (neither had ever been past six rounds before), and they helped get this series off to a commendable start.

We'll have a bit more on the show coming shortly, with impressions of the overall broadcast.

There was also a third fight on the show, between the Rosado vs Soto Karass and Jennings vs Byarm fights, and I'll make quick mention here, but the less said, the better. Cuban light heavyweight Sullivan Barrera promised he didn't fight like your typical Cuban, by which I think he means he doesn't have any speed and his footwork is bad, as he certainly wasn't aggressive in grinding out a lousy six-round win over Toledo novice Damar Singleton. Barrera is now 9-0 (6 KO), while Singleton falls to 8-1 (3 KO).

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