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David Price Coming to America in March, Tyson Fury After That

British heavyweight David Price could be coming to the States for his next fight. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
British heavyweight David Price could be coming to the States for his next fight. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Heavyweight prospect David Price, who improved to 12-0 (10 KO) with a first round massacre of John McDermott on Saturday in Liverpool, will be coming to America for his next fight, says promoter Frank Maloney in The Daily Star.

Maloney says that with the fight against British heavyweight champ Tyson Fury unlikely for this spring, he wants to get Price some further exposure:

"I have spoken to a ­couple of American promoters, Lou DiBella and Kathy Duva. I am going over to meet them next week to try and finalise something.

"He could fight on Lou’s show at Madison Square Garden or there is another bill in Texas around the same time which would give exposure on American terrestrial television."

Now, I have no idea what terrestrial television Maloney is talking about, since boxing doesn't air on terrestrial TV here, but I'm guessing that the Texas show he's talking about is the Morales vs Garcia card on March 24 in Houston. The DiBella show, obviously, is the Martinez vs Macklin show on St. Patrick's Day at The Theater at MSG -- people keep saying MSG, but it's really not. Not to be nitpicky, just, you know. It's not MSG.

Also, in either case, it's unlikely Price would actually be televised. Both of those shows are on HBO and the double-headers are set. Morales vs Garcia will be joined by James Kirkland vs Carlos Molina, and the Martinez vs Macklin co-feature is going to be, it appears, Edwin Rodriguez vs Don George, with Andy Lee dropping out trying to pursue a fight with Felix Sturm.

As for Kathy Duva, she does have a card on March 24 in Brooklyn (Judah vs Paris), which airs on NBC Sports (which is not broadcast/terrestrial TV, despite some insisting that it is), and that would actually be the best place for Price to go. If they match him with a decent enough opponent, that could be a televised slot for Price.

This could all also amount to absolutely nothing. There was also talk of Fury coming to New York for a St. Patrick's Day show, and that's not happening, either.

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