VOTE! Hernandez-Cunningham II or Quigg-Arthur: What to Cover on 2/4?

Hey there! Since I can only cover one of the afternoon cards on February 4, I'm letting everyone have some input.

The first option is the rematch between Yoan Pablo Hernandez and Steve Cunningham for the IBF cruiserweight title and the vacant Ring Magazine belt in Germany. That will air on BoxNation, so I'll be able to watch it.

The second option is the British super bantamweight title fight between Scott Quigg and Jamie Arthur. That will air on Sky Sports, so I'll be able to watch it.

One thing to keep in mind, I guess: The BoxNation show has a much better undercard, featuring Enad Licina vs Alexander Alexeev, Eduard Gutknecht vs Vyacheslav Uzelkov, Matuesz Masternak vs Michael Simms, Troy Ross in his Sauerland debut (hoping to fight the main event winner), and cruiser prospect David Graf.

The Sky undercard has, like, Rendall Munroe in another dick-around fight.

Basically it's up to youse guys here to make the call. I have no preference one way or the other, so pick what you'll be watching so you can join the afternoon's live thread and talk some boxing.

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