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Anderson Aiming to Dethrone Groves

Can Kenny Anderson shock the boxing public and defeat George Groves? (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Can Kenny Anderson shock the boxing public and defeat George Groves? (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Kenny Anderson has vowed to stop the rise of George Groves by knocking him out early, when the pair meet in their rematch on March 16th.

When the pair met in November 2010, Anderson suffered the only defeat of his 16 fight career when he was stopped in the sixth round. In the first meeting Groves touched the canvas for the first time in his career, but showed the courage and determination needed to come back and stop Anderson.

Since the first fight Groves has gone on to beat rival James DeGale for the British super-middleweight title and also stopped Paul Smith to retain his Commonwealth crown. With world title shots in the pipeline, Anderson is determined to stop the rising stardom of Groves.

Speaking to Skysports Anderson said:

I remember the first fight very clearly. Everyone saw it, everyone knows what happened, but that's done now. I have improved, people might think he is destined to beat me but that will not happen. This is going to work for me. I am going to smash him. I am not exactly known for my back-foot style or anything like that, so it will be a knock-out. I think he will get smashed pretty early on.

It does come into my head sometimes (talking about the previous fight). It was hurtful and I don't want that to happen again. The fight is a chance for me to just show what I can do.

Anderson has earned his rematch after wins over Joe Rea, Lee Duncan and Paul Morby. Groves however has plans to silence Anderson once and for all, and has learnt from the previous fight.

I made a lot of silly mistakes and I won't be making them again. It was a very tough test for me. I got into a little war, got hurt, had to dig deep,and basically in the end I ended it with a couple of good punches. I've watched the fight back a couple of times and every time I say to myself 'what are you doing?' You are making this so difficult for yourself. He will be frustrated that his claim to fame is that he knocked me down but didn't win. That will be burning inside but I am looking to showing people this is how I should have done it the first time.

Although the fight isn't exactly a blockbuster, I must admit I am looking forward to it. Groves has gone on and tackled two solid domestic campaigners and won. He will be the clear favourite going into the fight, but I just wonder how much he will be thinking of the last fight. Will he worry about Anderson and his power? Or will be box smart and despatch of him like last time.

Any betting man would be stupid not to favour Groves, but hey it may be worth a cheeky punt on Anderson. Why you probably all ask...well if he can hurt him he can do it again and maybe this time stop him? Don't worry I aren't going to get carried away, I think Groves will win and I like him and his attitude was fantastic for the DeGale fight but you never know...We will see on March 16th.

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