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Ortiz vs Berto 2: Ortiz Says Berto Rematch Was "Last Resort" (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Here's a video of Victor Ortiz talking to Johnny Tapia, which sort of has the feel of Tim Johnson talking to John McCain.

Tapia: "What did you think about the first fight?"

Ortiz: "The first fight, that's the only reason I never really had the...the whoooole (1) carpet to give him a rematch, because I beat him one-sidedly, you know? At the end of the day (1), I didn't think a person like that deserved a rematch."

Tapia: "Why are you giving him a rematch?"

Ortiz: "I'm giving him a rematch only because he's my last resort. That and the fact that even after I really thought about it, after that fight that night I beat him, I wasn't happy in the locker room. I could've done better. So you know, at the end of the day (2), it's one of those things (1) where, yeah, he's a good fighter, but in my eyes, I'm not done."

This whole bit is great, and showcases some of Ortiz's more familiar personality ticks. He manages to stumble his way into screwing up trying to say something common ("royal" carpet?), then throws in a couple "at the end of the days," then fabricates a stirring, emotional reason to want a rematch, which he just said he didn't want and is only taking because it's a last resort. Out of thin air, Victor Ortiz creates an emotional investment in this fight: After he really thought about it, he wasn't happy. No one is quite sure when he really thought about it, but I believe it's sometime in that breath of air after he said he's only giving Berto a rematch because it's his last resort.

Then he awkwardly offers Tapia a bro-hug.

Tapia: "So how did you feel when he put you down on the ground?"

Ortiz: "It was one of those things (2), the first fight I went in, I put him down first, twice, you know. The next thing you know, we went into the whoooole (2)...sixth round where I threw a hook, I'm wide open, and boom, he catches me, I went down. But I got up, because I knew I was gonna be champ that night."

Tapia: "Is he a hard hitter?"

Ortiz: "He's a decent hitter. But if you're not looking, and you're off-guard, of course anybody will hit hard, you know, especially on the button right there, you know, so... I was a newcomer to 147. That was my first fight at 147."

Tapia: "Do you feel good at 47?"

Ortiz: "Yeah, I feel good. I feel good -- especially now. I've put on some weight muscle-wise, you know -- I've been working hard."

Tapia: "Does Mayweather still bug you?"

Ortiz: "No. Mayweather does not bother me one bit. That stayed in the past. That night, it happened, I left it there."

Ortiz gonna Ortiz. He does know a thing or two about being hit when he's not looking. He should consider looking more often.

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