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Frankie Gomez, Top Golden Boy Prospect, Facing Felony Narcotics Charge

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Frankie Gomez is one of Golden Boy's top prospects. (Photo by DeWalt Fight Night Club, <a href="" target="new">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>)
Frankie Gomez is one of Golden Boy's top prospects. (Photo by DeWalt Fight Night Club, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Golden Boy prospect Frankie Gomez of East Los Angeles is facing court dates in February due to a pair of arrests from January, according to's Jake Donovan.

The more serious of the two arrests resulted in a felony charge for possession of narcotics:

The most serious charge facing the unbeaten 140 lb. fighter is possession of narcotics, for which he has to appear in front of a Los Angeles judge and jury on February 1. The charge was introduced after Gomez was pulled over Tuesday evening, when he was issued a citation for a suspended driver’s license.

Bail for the felony charge was set at $30,000 along with the issuing of the February 1 court date.

This comes just four days after Gomez was arrested and booked on three separate misdemeanor charges on January 20 – two for outstanding warrants due to failure to appear in court for traffic violations, and a third for petty theft.

The latter issues will have him in court on February 21. Gomez (12-0, 9 KO) is a very promising 135/140-pound prospect in the ring, winning the Nationals in 2007 at age 17, and gaining a silver medal at the 2009 Worlds. He fought five times as a pro in 2011, including an August win in a tough fight against Adrian Granados. He was last in the ring on December 3, on the undercard of Golden Boy's Mares vs Agbeko show in Los Angeles.