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Team Snooki Boxing's First Fight Card

Team Snooki's first fight card is coming up this weekend January 28th at the Resorts in Atlantic City, NJ. The fight titled "The Irish Invasion" features the Hyland brothers, Patrick, Eddie, and Paul for a total of 8 fights. After the fight, there will be an after party at a club called Night Fever according to Michael Woods of The Sweet Science and ESPN.

The promotion for the fight has been mainly online where Snooki has a large sphere of influence, but traditional outlets have been utilized including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The online materials include two "behind the scenes"-type youtube videos focusing on the pre-fight preparations of both the Hyland brothers and Team Snooki Boxing. The videos aren't the worst thing in the world, but they are a little heavy on the dramatic background music. Also, these videos don't have the incredibly high production value of a Fight Camp 360 or a 24/7 series, but on the other hand these videos aren't just a guy carrying a camera around either. In terms of a polished product, it is more toward the Fight Camp 360 end. Even though the videos are only 20 minutes they do tend to drag a bit. Basically if you are bored, you should give them a look.

In terms of on the ground promotional work, it seems like they are doing a decent job. According to the Michael Wood's story, they are looking forward to filling the small venue. The venue at Resorts can hold 1,250 people and they expect to sell around a thousand tickets. You can also watch the fight live streaming at Behind The Ring for the low price of $10. So if you aren't doing anything Saturday night you might want to check out this fight. I hope that this small promotional company does well in their first fight and they attract some good local talent. How great would a rivalry between Lou DiBella and Snooki be?

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