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Bernard Hopkins and Antonio Tarver Arguing Again

Bernard Hopkins has glasses, thus he is smart. Like <a href="" target="new">Daria</a>. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Bernard Hopkins has glasses, thus he is smart. Like Daria. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Tuesday, we talked about light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins and former champ Antonio Tarver going at one another on Twitter and boxing radio, and tonight the two forty-somethings are back to it.

Here's where Hopkins started (all (sic) obviously):

(1) I been n the ring with the chads. The kid isnt mental tough enuff to beat me.. Y'all seen how he was acting after he thou he won (2) Sad fought glenn i stopped him when he was 34-0, beat tony so bad he was askin buddy wht to do keep frm getting ko'd

Hopkins has said repeatedly over the years that he was beating Tarver ("Tony") so badly in their 2006 fight that Tarver was asking Buddy McGirt how to simply not be knocked out. Tarver disputed this once he read the tweets.

Here's where Tarver answered:

(1) Bhop on my worse night you could ko nothing, and all them fighters you mention in rematchs one name was missing on that list. (2) all i ask is for you to keep my name out your mouth but i guess you need to in order to feel validated. (3) if Chad take heed to what i said you lose bad... hold, grab, and rabbit punch that's your style and you call that fighting


Hopkins, 47, and Tarver, 43, are having quite the little rivalry here. Hopkins is set to rematch Chad Dawson on April 28 (more on that and Hopkins' record in rematches on Saturday), and Tarver is -- well, he's semi-active as a fighter, and won his last fight really impressively over Danny Green, but his No. 1 job is now working for Showtime as an analyst.

Hopefully, there's no chance these two hook up for a rematch in the future. No thank you. If they could confine this to Twitter or perhaps a Faceoff-style interview where they just yell at each other but it leads to no ring action, that would be fine.

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