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Victor Ortiz Not Dating Kobe Bryant's Ex-Wife

Victor Ortiz says he's not dating Kobe Bryant's ex-wife Vanessa Bryant, despite any rumors. From Keith Idec at

"I’ve never even been under the same roof as Vanessa Bryant. I don’t even know her. And I’m not even a Laker fan. I’m a Celtics fan, straight up. And I have nothing but respect for Kobe Bryant and that whole crew. But I don’t even think I’ve been under the same roof as his ex or his wife, or whatever she is. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know what she looked like. I had to google her after they said that."

I like that even addressing this (non-)issue, Victor Ortiz manages to fumble about trying to use too many words. He has respect for Kobe Bryant and "that whole crew"? What whole crew? The Lakers? His teammates? Is Luke Walton part of "that whole crew"? Derek Fisher?

But I have to admit that I'm as stumped as Ortiz. I had no idea that was even a rumor.

Ortiz faces Andre Berto in a rematch on February 11, live on Showtime. Some are already theorizing that Golden Boy put all of this out into the world (if it was indeed in the world) to garner press for his fight. Maybe.

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