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Jose Sulaiman Lashes Out At Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez won't be fighting for any of those green belts anytime soon.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Sergio Martinez won't be fighting for any of those green belts anytime soon. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Sergio Martinez has a legitimate problem with the WBC. The WBC first promised to force the regular champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to fight the diamond champion Sergio Martinez. But when Bob Arum absolutely balked at the idea, the WBC completely rolled over and immediately sanctioned the fight between Chavez Jr. and Marco Antonio Rubio for the middleweight belt. Sergio Martinez was not informed of the decision and was not even given some step aside money. Obviously, Sergio Martinez was very angry and he let out his frustrations on both HBO and the WBC.

It seems that Sergio's outburst has hurt WBC president Jose Sulaiman's feelings according to Tim Harrison of the Boxing Tribune.

"One of the several feelings of sadness that kept me low for a few days was the reaction of a boxer, Sergio Martinez, who blasted the WBC and me with his uncontrollable mouth, when I had always thought of him as a gentleman, after WBC was the one and only that gave to him ALL the opportunities to become what he is," Sulaiman would state.

Poor Sulaiman. Maybe he should roll around in the sanctioning fees that he has collected from Sergio Martinez.

I mean Sergio actually defended the Diamond belt, which means he had to pay 3% sanctioning fees, a significant amount of money. Also if you want to make Sergio like you, then actually enforce the Chavez mandatory. Strip Chavez of the belt if Arum doesn't agree to the fight and make Sergio the WBC middleweight champion.

Or maybe Jose can invent a new belt called the friendship belt and give it only to the people he wants to impress. It will be rainbow colored on the actual belt part and have a big unicorn on the crest. Do you guys have any idea why the WBC president would want to be friends with the fighters, besides economic reasons? Do you think Sergio actually hurt his feelings?

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