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Final Super Six Fight Camp 360 Episode

Showtime has put out the final episode of the Fight Camp 360 series. This episode follows the fighters slightly before and after the final between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. As per usual, the production quality is excellent and manages to capture the tension between the two fighters and between the two camps. Virgil Hunter doing a decent job of annoying team Froch before the fight, which is an example of the underlying tension.

There are some interesting parts that I thought were worth highlighting. Right before the fight Virgil Hunter tries to pump up Ward by telling him to take Froch's heart and his will in the fight. I half expected Ward to enter the ring yelling Kali-Ma! Ward's wife is also somewhat of a character making fun of Froch's very loud partner Rachael Cordingley.

Like many of these episodes, the best moments come after the fight. Froch is full of praise for Ward saying that he didn't feel like he got a good shot on him all night. This was a drastically different loss than his close loss to Mikkel Kessler in Denmark. Froch didn't feel like he got robbed, he knew he lost and he knew he lost badly.

Ward's camp was fairly happy after the fight but not out of control happy. They are relaxed and meeting with well wishers. Bernard Hopkins is featured here and he shows his mentoring relationship with Andre Ward. Brother Naz is there too talking up the talents of Andre Ward, which I found to be quite interesting. Virgil definitely displays some qualities that he clearly learned from Brother Naz. He rattles the other camp before the fight by making them wrap the hands several times, he talks the big game in the press conferences, he very clearly has been mentored by Brother Naz. Anyways, have fun watching this and feel free to leave your thoughts comments below!

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