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Sergio Martinez adviser expects Chavez Jr rematch, not Mayweather fight

Sampson Lewkowicz believes that a rematch with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is more likely in Sergio Martinez's future than a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Jeff Bottari - Getty Images

Sampson Lewkowicz, who advises middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez, expects that a rematch with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is more likely than Martinez facing Floyd Mayweather next:

"The fight with Mayweather is less viable than the rematch with Chavez. We will review our options, but for now there is nothing, only possibilities. At this moment I can't tell you any specific name but Sergio wants to fight with the best."

Martinez (50-2-2, 28 KO) is currently recovering from a broken hand and a ruptured menial meniscus in his right knee, which may or may not require surgery. Martinez is scheduled to have an MRI in Spain today to find out if rehab alone will be enough for the knee injury.

I doubt this news from Lewkowicz comes as any surprise. Martinez, 37, would have to go down to at least 154 pounds to land a fight with Mayweather, and it's a question of whether or not Mayweather even has any interest in the fight, either from a "ducking" perspective or just financially.

Chavez Jr, on the other hand, will basically need the fight whenever he returns from whatever suspension Nevada gives him for testing positive for marijuana after their September 15 fight, his second failed test in the state in his last two fights there. NSAC commissioner Keith Kizer recently hinted that it might not be a one-year suspension, which was the initial thought.

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