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Boxing results and recaps, Oct. 6-7: Jesus Silvestre / Yesica Marcos / Roman Gonzalez dominate, Kimbo Slice / Nuri Seferi win too easy

This weekend recap is devoted to events that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. Fights from last Saturday and Sunday are covered.

Welcome to part 2 of my weekend recap. Part 1 can be read here.

2012-10-06 El Palenque de la Feria, Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

Mexico's Televisa aired at least 3 fights on this card.

Jesus Silvestre TKO4 Takuya Mitamura

Interim WBA World minimumweight champion Silvestre used his size and strength to impose his will on the former Japanese minimumweight champion Mitamura. From the onset Silvestre backed his man down with volume punching and landed the more effective shots to boot. Mitamura, who lost every round, was at least game for the first 2 and had success boxing off the backfoot. In round 3 he took a terrible beating but to his credit remained on his feet the entire way. The fight probably should have been stopped in the corner, but he came out for the 4th and lasted less than a minute before the referee waved it off. Silvestre just poured into Mitamura like a windmill and although nothing was particularly devastating Mitamura's only defense was to hold. Although the official WBA website reports that Mitamura "went to the canvas at 40 seconds of the fourth round," I assure you no such thing happened.

Janeth Perez UD10 Tenkai Tsunami

If you read the official WBA report for the bout, you might think these were two men fighting for the WBA Bantamweight title. That belt is actually held by Koki Kameda (currently set to defend against Hugo Ruiz on December 4th). Perez however did successfully defend her WBA female bantamweight title by margins of 9 points on two cards and 10 on the other, contrary to the 19 and 20 point margins seen on the WBA website... Anyways, from what I saw of the fight Janeth dictated the pace and controlled range. Tenkai never stopped fighting back but was simply out gunned, maneuvered, and hustled.

Alan Herrera UD10 Abraham Rodriguez

If BoxRec still doesn't report this outcome by the time you read this, just trust me, or go watch the fight for yourself... It was a fun fight, and Herrera had to get off the canvas to win it. In the 6th round Rodriguez caught Herrera with a right hand followed by a left hook that planted Herrera right on his ass. Alan smiled while the ref counted, got back up, moved around laterally for a while, then got right back to work. Rodriguez just didn't turn up the heat, a bit odd for a man who was clearly losing the fight. Rodriguez, despite being at a disadvantage from long range, was content to allow Herrera to lull him to sleep on the outside. Then in the last round when Herrera willing gave Rodriguez the opportunity to work on the inside, Rodriguez held and even backed off. Better yet Rodriguez raised his hands as if he won at the final bell. I guess he thought knockdowns were worth 5 points.

2012-10-06 Polideportivo Gustavo Toro Rodriguez, San Martin, Mendoza, Argentina

TyC aired 5 bouts.

Yesica Patricia Marcos TKO6 Dayana Cordero

When Cordero let her hands go, she didn't do that bad. It might have even won her the first round. But when Marcos let hers go, it was utter domination. Cordero took her worst beating in the 5th and opted to not get off her stool to begin the 6th. Rather than rule it a RTD (retired), apparently the current practice in Argentina is to issue an 8 count then wave it off. How the official time of the stoppage apparently came to 17 seconds shows how slow these counts are really given. Worse yet the ring announcer began to read scorecards before suddenly transitioning into calling the technical KO. Anyways, Marcos successfully defended her WBO super bantamweight title for the 2nd time and picked up the vacant WBA title too. Jackie Nava recently vacated the WBA title upon learning of her pregnancy.

Javier Nicolas Chacon KO1 Sebastian Eladio Ferreyra

This fight is what I would call short and sweet. Ferreyra , after throwing a very weak 1-2 combination, was countered and knocked out. Chacon slipped Ferreya's jab nicely and caught him flush with an overhand right that knocked him practically into next week. Ferreyra tried to get up but couldn't manage to push himself high enough to a sitting position. His effort alone got his corner to throw in the towel just to be safe. This is a must see KO.

Betiana Patricia Vinas KO4 Marisa Gabriela Nunez

From the onset Vinas thew the sharper and faster punches and she threw them in combination. Nunez struggled to get off and was generally befuddled by a superior athlete. In round 4 Nunez quit after a body attack from Vinas while she held on until the referee broke them apart. The body shots themselves didn't appear to be bothering Nunez that much. I think she quit because her nose began bleeding profusely around the same time. The referee gave her a standing 8 count to give her time to change her mind, but she wanted no more.

Mauro Maximiliano Godoy UD4 Marcelo Gaston Barros

This bout pitted two green undefeated prospects against each other. Both showed some skill. In the middle of the 1st round the taller Godoy was stunned by an overhand right and put down by another right hand about a minute later. However, Godoy turned the tables on Barros in round 2 and dropped him with a series of left hooks. Round 3 was fought as if both fighters had something to prove. They ripped into each other with the most violent combinations of the fight but both managed to stay off the canvas. Personally I felt the shorter Barros had the better of the round. I also thought Barros had the better of the first 2 minutes of the 4th round as well. Unfortunately for Barros he was caught flush with a solid uppercut in the final minute and took his second visit to the canvas. Although Barros easily made it to the finish line, the final knockdown sealed the fight for Godoy. This was a very good 4 rounder. Knockdowns took place in 3 of the 4 rounds and the only one without a knockdown was arguably the most entertaining of the fight. That's pretty incredible.

Alan Luques Castillo UD4 Jesus David Aguirre

This bout matched two green, probably both destined to be journeyman prospects together. This was not a particularly skilled affair. Aguirre, the shorter and most awkward of the two, went down shortly after the second round began by a not particularly impressive combination. Castillo kept his foot on the gas and battered Aguirre into the ropes for an 8 count mid round. Surprisingly Aguirre survived the round pretty easily. Castillo may have punched himself out a little bit. Castillo's reduced firepower combined with his wide, slapping style made the rest of the fight pretty close. But the damage was done in the 2nd round. Aguirre didn't dominate any rounds and put himself in too big of a hole early.

2012-10-06 Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, Oklahoma, United States

This card wasn't televised. ESPN has no problem replaying YouTube clips of Kimbo Slice fights, but refuses to air him on their network live.

Kevin Ferguson KO1 Howard Jones

In case you didn't know, Kimbo Slice's real name is Kevin Ferguson. He's currently undefeated as a professional boxer with 5 of his 6 wins by KO, 4 of which came in the 1st round. Jones, by far Kimbo's largest opponent to date, was unfortunately more fat than tall. Jones was also 40 years old. The first punch Kimbo threw was a left hook to the body. Jones ran to the other side of the ring and took a knee. Eager to continue after receiving his 8 count Jones lasted a few more seconds before a right uppercut put him down for the count. Jones got up after the ref reached 10 and appeared a little upset he didn't let him continue. I was more upset that he got hit by a right uppercut that wasn't even properly set up. I just hope Kimbo doesn't think this Jones is a proper tune up fight for future hall of famer Roy Jones Jr. I don't care how shot or fragile Roy Jones is now; he's still leagues ahead of Kimbo. Kimbo hasn't even fought a journeyman yet and nearly got beat by someone similar to Roy's size in Brian Green. Green, ahead on the cards, was knocked out at the 3 minute mark of the last round. Even though practically all of Kimbo's fights looked fixed, that one especially did. So maybe that's the plan. Roy's going to take a dive for the money? Given his recent history, maybe people won't even be suspicious...

Ritchie Cherry UD4 Christopher Barnes

In a catchweight fight light heavyweight Cherry pitched a shutout against super middleweight Barnes. Barnes was too small and is simply not an inside fighter.

2012-10-06 Hotel Holiday Inn, Managua, Nicaragua

I have no idea if this card was aired or not. I only managed to find a camcorder version of the Chocolatito fight online. He's the only person on the card most of you know anyways.

Roman Gonzalez TKO3 Stiven Monterrosa

Gonzalez, probably one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world if he only got the proper fights to prove it, ran through Monterrosa like the young prospect had no business being in the same ring with him. And to be honest he probably didn't. The Colombian Monterrosa was nowhere near experienced enough to warrant fighting the best fighter in his division. But he did have heart. After taking a beating in the 1st and getting dropped, Monterrosa still came out for round 2. His beating got even worse in the 2nd round and he was put down again, yet he came back out for round 3. Monterrosa wasn't just surviving either; he was punching back until the very end. The 3rd was actually Monterrosa's best round but seemingly out of nowhere the ref stepped in to stop it. Monterrosa looked at the ref as is to say "you must be kidding." I look forward to see Monterrosa again, against fighters he's actually ready to face. As for Gonzalez, well, here's to hoping a fight with Kazuto Ioka comes off...story on that to follow later today. Anyways, at least this wasn't a title defense for Gonzalez. Somewhere I imagine Pongsaklek Wonjongkam watching this fight with a smile.

2012-10-06 Finish Line Sports Grill, Pomona, California, United States

Pretty sure this card wasn't televised. I found the main event online.

Kaliesha West UD10 Christina Ruiz

In a good, competitive fight that was fought on even terms on the inside, West's jab was the difference which ultimately put the vacant IFBA (International Female Boxers Association) super bantamweight title around her waist. West's willingness to bang on the inside went up as the fight went on, perhaps due to fatigue. Whatever the reason it made the fight thrilling to watch. Down the stretch the fight became a straight up war involving some of the best rounds I'd seen all week, and it was one hell of a week...particularly this Saturday. (Yea, I watched all those good, popular fights previously reported on the site as well. Duh.)

2012-10-07 Boris Trajkovski Sports Arena, Skopje, Macedonia

This was aired by Macedonian Radio Television. If you're confused by the "R" in the logo (assuming you actually go and watching this broadcast) it's because "Радио" is apparently "Radio" in Macedonian. I only managed to see the main event of this card, which may have actually put the Kimbo Slice fight the day before to shame.

Nuri Seferi TKO1 Nenad Stankovic

Honestly you just need to watch this fight. Seferi "technically" knocked Stankovic out with a...jab. Granted the jab did land and Stankovic did lose balance and hit the deck, since when does a flash knockdown in the 1st round justify stopping the fight? Worse yet it was Stankovic's corner who threw in the towel! He was justifiably furious. What was his corner thinking? Hell, what was the referee thinking for even acknowledging the towel? But, for whatever reason, the crowd didn't have much of a problem with the stoppage. You could hear a few boos initially, but it was overwhelmed by cheering, then hugging, smiling, confetti, and a general good time. It was...bizarre. The least incredible thing about this fight was that Stankovic defended his WBO European cruiserweight title in the process.

2012-10-07 KBS Hall, Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

Not sure if this was televised. I could only find the main event on YouTube. And I had to find it by translating Japanese. That's only the beginning of my level of dedication.

Ronald Pontillas TKO1 Kota Tokunaga

Although only 1 round there was plenty of action with both fighters having good moments. Southpaw Pontillas took control of the fight with his straight left hand, hurting Tokunaga multiple times and dropping him twice before it was waved off.

2012-10-07 Club Social y Deportivo Unión, Del Viso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I highly doubt this card was televised. User alacran1969 on YouTube is famous (in my eyes) for uploading camcorder recordings of obscure Argentina cards. I wonder if he attended them all live...

Miguel Angel Escalada SD4 Lucas Orlando Oyola

Using his superior reflexes Oyola fought most of the fight with his lead left hand down and popped it up to land jabs. Escalada was too slow, square, and inactive to catch him with many clean punches during the fight. The slick Oyola was truly a puzzle that Escalada could not solve. On my scorecard this was a shutout for Oyola, but I suppose if I were to give any round to Escalada it would be the third where he upped his work rate and missed punches from a close enough distance that made it tough to be sure. How 2 of the 3 judges managed to score this for Escalada baffles me. He was dominated in the first two rounds. It won't get nominated by anyone that matters, but I'm calling this robbery of the year right now.

Marcelo Ruben Mendoza SD4 Miguel Alejandro Astete

Unlike the previously discussed bout this one was legitimately a split decision. I saw nothing conclusive in the fight to say it should have gone one way or the other. Both fighters were just as clever in their approach and no one got out hustled.

If a bout is not mentioned which took place on one of the above cards it's most likely because I haven't got around to watching it yet. In the event that I do watch such a bout at a later time it's still unlikely I will update this recap. My recaps will be posted on Mondays and Wednesdays, devoted to cards that most casual American boxing fans haven't seen or heard of. For available footage of the previously reported bouts follow @sweetboxing on twitter. You may also email the author of this piece at

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