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Rios vs Alvarado: Keys to the Fight with Al Bernstein

Brandon Rios faces Mike Alvarado on HBO this Saturday night. Boxing analyst Al Bernstein breaks down the matchup for The Boxing Channel.

Al Berstein's Keys to Victory

Brandon Rios

"For Rios, he's gotta think defense at least a little. He's a hell-bent for leather kind of a fighter, and usually doesn't pay much attention to defense. In this fight, he's gotta at least try to block and slip some punches. And he's gotta get there first. He wants to make Alvarado know early how powerful he is. Many people believe the first fighter that hurts the other guy in this match will be the winner. The overhand right's an important punch for Rios. It's very powerful, and he needs just a little bit of range to throw that punch."

Mike Alvarado

"As for Alvarado -- gotta think defense, same as Rios. He, too, doesn't concentrate too much on defense. And same as Brandon Rios, he's gotta get there first. He's gotta plant his flag in the ground by landing something major in the first couple of rounds. And the hooks to the body and the head, the left hooks for Alvarado will be a key element in this fight. He wants to weaken Rios, who is also a good body puncher. He wants to weaken Rios to the body, and that left hook to the head could be meaningful."

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