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Richard Schaefer discusses Anthony Joshua, Klitschkos, and young heavyweights

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Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer says a young crop of heavyweights have made him optimistic about the division, and 2012 gold medalist Anthony Joshua could fit right into that group.

"On the Olympics, I know you were there in attendance and got to see some of the boxing there. What did you think of the overall standard?"

"Very impressed with Team UK and obviously the medal count was terrific. I liked the skill level there from several fighters. Looking at several fighters. But you know what really impressed me the most, again? The fans. For those of us who were at the ExCel, and we saw that atmosphere, there is nothing better in the world than the UK boxing fans. We love them. And I really made myself a commitment, that I want to bring the Golden Boy brand here to the UK and start promoting fights under the Golden Boy brand. It's gonna happen."

"Perhaps the perfect man to hang that on would be Anthony Joshua, and during the summer there were reports that you and Golden Boy were thinking about making a move for him. Can you give us any update on that, or can you speak for those rumors?"

"Anthony Joshua is a terrific fighter. He's the total package, and I think he's going to have an opportunity to really become the heavyweight champion of the world. We have two heavyweight champions now by the name of Klitschko. They are in my opinion the heavyweight champions of Europe, more so frankly of Germany. They have totally failed to capture the US market. And I think Anthony Joshua with his style and personality, has the opportunity to really become the standard for boxing, to bring the general market back to boxing as well, with the heavyweight division. Just everything about him. I think he's gonna be -- he has tremendous, tremendous potential. So yes, of course, we are always interested to work with the biggest names in the sport, whether they are established stars or emerging stars or young fighters turning pro. We believe we have the best platform to really make fighters not just champions, but make them crossover stars. Crossover, whether from the UK or the US or other places. That's what I believe."

"The heavyweight division has lost rather a lot of sparkle, maybe since the 90s. Do you think Anthony Joshua is what the division has been crying out for?"

"No question about it. The heavyweight division was sort of, like, in a chokehold by the Klitschkos. And I don't mean, by the way -- I think they're terrific, terrific people. Very gifted and talented fighters, clearly the most dominant guys. There's nobody who can beat those guys. Let's be honest here. I just think from a marketing point of view, if you are so gifted, and you are so dominant, and you have the story, and you are the brothers, and you even speak English. And you have all of that, I think from a marketing point of view, a very poor job has been done with them. Because they should be much bigger. I mean, they make, what? $7-8 million? $9-10 million if they fight in Germany? Look at Mayweather, who makes $40-50 million a fight. So I think when you look at an Anthony Joshua, he has an opportunity to re-light the fire in the heavyweight division. And there are other great, young heavyweight fighters out there. In America, you have Seth Mitchell, you have Deontay Wilder, the 'Bronze Bomber' who won a bronze medal at the 2008 games. So there's a crop of young heavyweights coming up. Here in the UK, as well, you have Tyson Fury, and more so Price, David Price. I think there's new blood flowing into the heavyweight division. And I'm more optimistic about the heavyweight division for the first time in a long time."