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Robert Guerrero's next fight: Maidana, Berto, Bailey-Alexander winner are possible options

Robert Guerrero has options for his next fight, which is being targeted for the end of the year, including Marcos Maidana and Andre Berto.

Esther Lin/Showtime's Rick Reeno reports that candidates are emerging to face Robert Guerrero in his next fight, with notable names in play at the time being. Let's just run through them. For the kicks.

Marcos Maidana

This would seem to be the lead candidate. Maidana (32-3, 29 KO) put on a memorable fight on September 15 against Jesus Soto Karass, a real action-packed war on the Canelo-Lopez undercard. It was his second fight at 147 pounds, and he looked a lot better than he did in February, when he was demoralized by Devon Alexander. Of course, Alexander was on point that night, and a focused Alexander is a lot better -- and a lot more difficult -- than Soto Karass, a solid fighter but limited and a lot easier to drag into a brawl.

It's a good fight, Guerrero-Maidana, and I'd have no problem with it. Guerrero got into a bit of a war with Selcuk Aydin on July 28, and while Maidana may not be a natural welterweight, Guerrero definitely isn't, and has plenty to prove at the weight still. My guess is Guerrero-Maidana would be a fun fight along with being well-matched.

Andre Berto

The report says that Berto's proposed November 24 fight with IBF junior middleweight titlist is going through some difficulty behind the scenes, which isn't shocking or anything. Berto (like Guerrero) was also at one point considered in play to face Timothy Bradley on December 15, but that now seems a distant memory. It's Peterson or bust (or Provodnikov) for Bradley on that date, it would appear.

But if Berto doesn't fight Bundrage, Reeno says that Berto-Guerrero could happen on the same date instead. That's another really good fight, and I'd have no problems with that matchup, either.

Devon Alexander-Randall Bailey winner

Given that these two are fighting on October 20, getting them back in the ring again before 2012 is out would seem a longshot, but it's mentioned. But if it did happen, then again, no problems with this matchup.

Right now, Guerrero seems to be in a decent position. I guess the "worst" you could do here would be Maidana, and that's a good fight. What would you like to see out of these options?

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