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Andre Ward throws out first pitch, A's come back to beat Tigers in game four of ALDS

Andre Ward threw out the first pitch at last night's A's-Tigers ALDS game four in Oakland.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Super middleweight world champion Andre Ward threw out the ceremonial first pitch yesterday at The Coliseum in Oakland, opening the night on what was a dramatic comeback win in game four of the ALDS for the hometown Oakland Athletics against the Detroit Tigers, tying the series 2-2.

One wonders why I'm bothering saying anything about this. Could it be that I'm from Michigan and I'm a Tigers fan? No, I grew up an Orioles fan (it's a long story), and am now a Cubs fan (as of this season - life is really hilarious). Could it be that I think Andre Ward's presence magically lifted his A's to victory? No.

It's 4 the hitz, y'all. Any of them. Any at all. Also, so I can use the photo of Ward on the mound at a major sporting event with a baseball in his hand, because I like getting chances to use photos of Boxers Doing Other Things.

I will say that it seems like more and more boxers and boxing folks are doing first pitches. Manny's done them, I think Donaire's done them, Roach, Robert Guerrero did an A's game not too long ago, recently Golden Boy had guys for the Brooklyn show throwing out pitches at a Dodgers game, which would be a great idea if it were 1953 and the Dodgers hadn't moved to Los Angeles already.

I look forward to the 2013 baseball season and finding out who throws out first pitches. I'm going to keep track. There's no way I don't forget this by ... well, I was going to say January, but probably next week.

There's a Boxer Doing Other Things!!!

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