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James DeGale vs Hadillah Mohoumadi: Fight time, live stream, and TV listings

James DeGale defends his European super middleweight title today against Hadillah Mohoumadi. Here's how you can watch in the US and UK.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos - Getty Images

James DeGale is back in action today, with his first fight as a Hennessy Sports boxer coming against Hadillah Mohoumadi. The fight will be televised in the US and UK, and we'll have live coverage this afternoon.

Chris Eubank Jr will also be in action on the show.

TV Listings

Channel 5 in the UK will go live at 5 pm ET (10 pm local). The main event is scheduled to be part of WealthTV's afternoon broadcast in the US, following the Price-Harrison fight, which is due to begin at about 4:30. No matter what, we'll be bringing results of the live airing of both. So that means that if WealthTV has DeGale-Mohoumadi on a slight delay, we won't -- we'll be watching both live.

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For this reason, there will be separate threads for the two fights and the live discussion. I ask now that you not "spoil" anything from the DeGale fight in the Price-Harrison thread but given that almost none of you will read this far, it's more me crossing my fingers that it can be avoided. Not for my sake, but for yours, if you're watching the US showing of both and don't care that DeGale might be slightly delayed for you. Anyway, we'll try with that.

Live Stream

WealthTV has an online option, which is free with a 30-day trial. There is no legal stream for the Channel 5 broadcast.

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