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Price vs Harrison results: David Price destroys Audley Harrison in first round

David Price wasted no time today in Liverpool, likely ending the boxing career of Audley Harrison in less than one round of action.

Scott Heavey - Getty Images

David Price retained the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles with a first round knockout win over Audley Harrison in a fight that may have been even less competitive than the lowest expectations called it to be.

Price (14-0, 12 KO) and Harrison (28-6, 21 KO) pawed at each other for about a minute, with Price looking ready to strike. Harrison looked nervous, similar to his 2010 debacle loss to David Haye, and had the same wide-eyed, empty stare on his face as he even made his entrance to the ring to unanimous boos in Price's hometown.

Once Price landed even part of a right hand, Harrison wobbled, and the 6'8" prospect went for the finish. He found it quickly, banging at Harrison against the ropes, until the 40-year-old former Olympic gold medalist crumbled to the canvas. The fight was immediately called off, and rightly so.

This should really be it for Harrison, who said he'd retire if he couldn't win this fight. Not only couldn't he win it, he was barely there at all. Audley Harrison has taken a lot of guff over the years, but I've always seen him as a pretty nice guy, with some skills, who just gradually lost everything over his pro boxing career. He was on easy street coming out of the 2000 Olympics, and he never lived up to the hype, or even came close.

And this should be it. He just can't hang in and take punches anymore, and when matched against good fighters, doesn't even seem like he wants to be there. It's nothing personal against Audley Harrison at all. It's just time to move on from the ring.


Jon Lewis Dickinson defeated Shane McPhilbin in a terrible bore of a fight to win the British cruiserweight title on scores of 118-110, 118-110, and 117-111. These two just never clicked at all. It happens.

Kevin Satchell was impressive with a sixth round stoppage of veteran Chris Edwards, unifying the British and Commonwealth flyweight belts.

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