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Nonito Donaire's next fight: Jorge Arce again Arum's targeted opponent

Bob Arum says that his goal is to make a fight between Nonito Donaire and Jorge Arce for December.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Following Nonito Donaire's dominant win over Toshiaki Nishioka last night on HBO, Bob Arum says he's going to try and make a fight between the Filipino star and Mexico's Jorge Arce for December, which feels like a rerun -- sort of like every year when EA Sports says they're going to make a new NBA Live/Elite game.

Donaire vs Arce has been talked about by Arum for a couple of years now, and got semi-serious last year when the two attended the Nishioka-Rafael Marquez fight in Las Vegas, in October 2011. It's not really a bad idea, and the reasons to make it are understandable: Both fighters are popular, and Arce, with his aggressive style, is the exact sort of guy Donaire usually shines against, so chances are high that Donaire gets to look good in an entertaining fight.

However, the fight doesn't seem like it wants to happen. First it was going to be February, but then Donaire fought Wilfredo Vazquez Jr instead, with a vacant super bantamweight title on the line. That title was vacant because Arce had vacated it after beating Vazquez Jr for it in May 2011.

Then it was going to happen in July, but Arce's team got cold feet, basically, and Donaire fought Jeffrey Mathebula instead, while Arce fought in June against Jesus Rivas, an unheralded Puerto Rican, in a fight that went to a two-round no-contest. There was still some expectation going into that that Donaire-Arce would come next, but it did not. Donaire went after Nishioka, and Arce fought Mauricio Martinez on September 22 in Mexico.

Now the talk is back, but let's throw a little water on it quickly:

  • Arum always talks about putting big fights in places like Mexico City. He basically never does, especially with top of the company guys like Donaire.
  • Donaire injured his left hand last night, so a two-month turnaround might be a little quick.
  • Again, this fight has been "going to happen" for a while. It hasn't. I see no real reason to expect that it will now.

At this point, is this even a fight you're particularly interested in seeing? It would do good business, I'm sure, but I've always thought it seemed like a tailor-made fight for Nonito. That said, he's already dominating good fighters otherwise, so why not get some action out of it?

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