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Brandon Rios discusses thrilling win over Mike Alvarado, how it felt to fight at 140

Brandon Rios discusses his TKO win over Mike Alvarado in this past Saturday's Fight of the Year contender on HBO.

Brandon Rios talked to Boxing Scene's Ryan Burton about this weekend's tremendous fight with Mike Alvarado.

Quotes from the video:

"I knew coming into the division that I wanted the toughest guy out there and I knew Mike Alvarado was the toughest guy. That's why we picked him."

"I didn't have no doubt in my mind. I came into the fight and I told everybody that I predicted a knockout. I knew I was going to knock him out. That was in my mind."

"I wanted to knock him down. Mike Alvarado is a very tough customer and he wouldn't go down. The referee had to stop it or he would have hurt himself even more. I wanted to literally drop him."

"I told everybody before this fight, there's a new threat at the 140 division and it's me...and here I am."

"I feel great, I told you I was going to make it comfortably. I had no problem with it. I knew I was going to come out victorious because I don't have to kill myself to make weight anymore."

"When I stunned him in the sixth, you never know because he has a minute to recuperate. I had to come back out again, I seen him doing the little twist and knew if I hit him with the right overhand the first time I could do it again."

"He hit hard, he had great power. But I was never really hurt. He dazed me, he stunned BOOM! WHOA! Where he woke me up, but nothing like seriously like I was hurt. It just shows everybody how great of a chin I have."

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