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Andre Ward vs Kelly Pavlik: Ward says fight is being discussed, but no contracts signed

Andre Ward confirms that there are talks about fighting Kelly Pavlik in February 2013 on HBO, but that he doesn't consider it a done deal until contracts are signed.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Andre Ward confirms that there is "merit" to the "rumors" that he'll fight Kelly Pavlik in February 2013, which is more a confirmation that the two sides are talking about the fight, but says he hasn't seen a contract yet, and doesn't consider any fight done until it's signed.

The idea of a matchup between Ward (26-0, 14 KO) and Pavlik (40-2, 34 KO) didn't seem to impress most boxing fans out there, at least from what I noticed when the fight was first brought up as being a serious possibility. But everyone seems to understand why it would or will happen. Pavlik has some name value, and the super middleweight division is sorely lacking in guys who, (A) have name value at all for U.S. TV, and (B) haven't already been beaten by Andre Ward.

Ward's position isn't the easiest in the world, despite being the true king of his division and one of the best fighters in the world. When you're at the peak he is, it's difficult to continue finding relevant matchups. Pavlik, who hasn't been the same since losing to Bernard Hopkins in 2008, and really hasn't been the same since a string of personal issues before and after his loss to Sergio Martinez in 2010, fits the bill as well as anyone does right now.

Even if Ward moved up, the options there are limited, but you could argue that at least they're fresh. Right now, Pavlik still hasn't convinced many people that he's "back," and the hope will be that he'll turn it back up a notch with this sort of fight on the table. Either way, does anyone really think Kelly Pavlik can beat Andre Ward at this point?

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