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Victor Ortiz has second surgery on broken jaw

Victor Ortiz's return to the ring will be further postponed, as he's been forced to have a second surgery on his broken jaw from June.

Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images

Victor Ortiz, who suffered a broken jaw in his June 23 loss to Josesito Lopez, had a medical setback recently, undergoing a second surgery on the jaw about a week and a half ago, Francisco Salazar reports at

Ortiz was recently seen at the Canelo Lopez fight on September 15, and it did seem like his jaw was still a bit too "noticeable," even to me, and I'm not a medical expert by any means. Apparently, the bones weren't aligning correctly, leading to a second surgery.

Ortiz's absence from the ring will be even longer due to this, and could be well into next year before he's able to get back into the gym and prepare for a fight, let alone actually fight.

Victor is also currently without trainer and manager, as Danny Garcia and Rolando Arellano are out of the picture. Recently, Floyd Mayweather Sr said he'd been contacted about possibly training Ortiz.

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