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Brook vs Saldivia: Press conference highlight video

Kell Brook faces Hector Saldivia this Saturday in Sheffield. The two met up for their final press conference on Tuesday.

Hector Saldivia

"Thank you for inviting me. I'm at the best form of my life. I've been waiting for this fight for a long time. I'm ready, and I'm going to give a very good show for everybody in Sheffield. It will be one of the best shows that's been put on here in Sheffield."

Dominic Ingle, Brook's trainer

"We looked at every point of Kell's performance, what we got wrong in the last fight. All of those issues have been addressed. And if Hector Saldivia has based his fight plan based on that last fight, he might as well be watching a different fighter. Every aspect of his training camp, his diet, his training, his sleep patterns, his hydration levels, everything's been checked. ... Everything's been analyzed to death. If he doesn't win on Saturday, he might as well pack his gloves up, because there's nothing else can you do."

Kell Brook

"I'm going to be a completely different animal in there. This is the best I've ever felt for any fight. 17 years of me boxing, this is the best I've ever felt. I've been eating good up to this fight. Weigh-in Friday. Drinking plenty. Best shape I've ever been in. Best recovery time in training. Been sparring with middleweights. It's been a 12-week camp, training in the heat. I'm not the fastest runner or anything like that, but in this training camp, I'm coming in in top position. I'm pushing myself like I've never pushed myself before, because I want this more than ever. If you've seen me in the gym, you can see I've got the eye of the tiger of this fight. There's not been no stone unturned. This Saturday night you're going to see the best Kell Brook, and I'm sure that's going to be good enough at the ExCel Arena."

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