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Freddie Roach won't stay if Chavez Jr misses a day of next training camp

Freddie Roach isn't 100% sure if he's still going to be training Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, but says if he does, the partnership can be undone with a single missed day of camp.

Jeff Bottari - Getty Images

Freddie Roach spoke with Ryan Maquinana about Manny Pacquiao's late arrival in the States (he's not concerned, in short) and Amir Khan (he wishes Khan good luck with Virgil Hunter, in short), but most notable may have been his comment regarding his other star fighter, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Chavez Jr is currently in the middle of a situation that doesn't seem as though it will get better any time soon, as he's coming off of the first loss of his career, with blame all over the place for what went wrong, and also failed his Nevada drug test after the fight, which will get him suspended soon enough.

Roach doesn't even sound sure if he's still going to be Chavez Jr's trainer, but if he is, he says there's no more time for nonsense in that camp:

"No, I haven’t talked to Chavez," Roach said. "If I do train him again, the first day he misses, I’ll go home."

Roach has said repeatedly that Chavez Jr can train at four in the morning if he wants to, but that the process has to be consistent, which it has not been to this point. Chavez Jr has long been considered a lazy, entitled fighter by many who have worked with or around him, and this past camp, with the eyes of the full boxing world fully and truly on him for the first time, shed some light on those accusations, and frankly they didn't seem unfair.

I don't think at this point anyone doubts that Chavez Jr can fight and is worthy enough to be in the ring with other good fighters, but the question now is whether or not he's willing or even mentally able to put in the extra work required to be a true top-tier boxer. Roach is saying that if it's not there, he'll leave the team, which I think is troubling enough in itself -- if he's willing to say that, then it seems to validate the talk about Chavez Jr's overall attitude during training camp.

Of course, it'll be a while before we find out much about this, unless Chavez Jr just fires Roach before then, which I don't know would be the most shocking thing in the world given the turbulent nature of everything going on around the guy right now.

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