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Malignaggi vs Cano: Pablo Cesar Cano says he has to win in Brooklyn

Young Mexican fighter Pablo Cesar Cano has a world title opportunity on Saturday, but he's going to have to beat Paulie Malignaggi in his own backyard in Brooklyn.

"You're coming to Brooklyn. Are you going to be awed at being in the big city, on that big stage, against a Brooklyn fighter?"

"Absolutely not. I respect the champion. He's a great champion. But I'm a Mexican warrior."

"Paul Malignaggi has a reputation as a slick boxer. You have a reputation as a little bit more of a slugger. Is that the kind of fight that we're going to see? A slugger versus a slick boxer?"

"I'm prepared to beat him. You're going to see a war in that ring."

"Is it because you're a few years younger, maybe a little fresher, than the guy who debuted so many years ago? Is that going to help you?"

"Absolutely. I've prepared well. I'm going to use all my tactical advantages, use my speed and aggression to neutralize Paulie."

"Prediction, please. What happens on fight night?"

"I have to win, and Saturday I will win."

"By knockout?"

"Any way he can get it. But I'm going to win."

Note: If you are using Google Chrome, the video above will not work. I don't know why, because I didn't make Google Chrome.

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