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Andre Berto working with Golden Boy for next fight, DiBella still involved going forward

Andre Berto will be promoted by Golden Boy Promotions for his next fight, with Lou DiBella saying he's stepped aside to allow - most likely - Berto to face Cornelius Bundrage on November 24.

Jed Jacobsohn - Getty Images

Golden Boy will be promoting Andre Berto for at least his next fight, as Lou DiBella has made a deal with Berto and manager/adviser/whatever Al Haymon to step aside and let GBP promote Berto for his next bout, which will most likely now be against Cornelius "K9" Bundrage on November 24, live on HBO.

DiBella from

"I think it's a great opportunity for Andre and I won't stand in his way. I'm happy with the deal and I will be working with Andre in his future fights."

Now, of course, since it's boxing and all, one has to wonder about this. It could be DiBella's way of smoothly backing out of the Andre Berto game -- after all, it's not like Haymon and Golden Boy would have to be nice in order to get this done, as it's been said a hundred times that promoters don't have contracts with Haymon fighters generally.

But it could also just be a deal where Golden Boy wants to stage this fight, and DiBella is being a gentleman (which means he's not dropping F-bombs left and right) and letting a fighter he's worked with for a long time go after a title belt and an HBO main event without him.

Either way, we're getting a good fight with Berto-Bundrage, and it again leaves Timothy Bradley open on December 15. It at this point appears as though Bradley will actually wind up fighting Ruslan Provodnikov, which giving the (or a) devil his due, is exactly what Richard Schaefer predicted would happen, despite talk of Bradley facing Berto or Robert Guerrero on the date.

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