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Peterson vs Judah purse bid won by Team Peterson, fight to take place in DC

Barry Hunter, Lamont Peterson's manager and trainer, won a purse bid for just $50,000 to stage a Peterson-Zab Judah fight, which he says will take place in Washington, DC.

Ned Dishman - Getty Images

The purse bid for an IBF junior welterweight title fight between Lamont Peterson and Zab Judah was won by Peterson's manager and trainer Barry Hunter for a mere $50,000, reports, and Hunter is planning to stage the fight in Washington, DC, Peterson's hometown.

The $50K bid might make it tough to secure the fight (they have until January to get a deal truly done), but the problem both guys face right now is that this is just what's staring them in the face. Peterson-Judah is better than a $50,000 purse bid in the same way that Arreola-Stiverne is not as good as a $1.1 million purse bid, and HBO or Showtime not really being interested in the fight isn't that big of a deal at just a $50K bid.

They could stage a PPV and make that back with no trouble whatsoever, or any number of things could happen, like Main Events possibly coming back into the picture for Judah now that he's gotten a taste of what his boxing career is at the moment without them. I'm not trying to slam Judah by saying that, but I think it's pretty clear that demand for him is a lot lower than he thought, or that a lot of people might have wanted to believe, and has been for years.

Nobody but Hunter bid on the fight, and $50,000 was the minimum bid allowed. If it takes place, Peterson will get a 75-25 split as the IBF champion.

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