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Quillin vs N'dam results: Rematch clause was signed, but second fight won't be immediate

Peter Quillin and Hassan N'dam may have a rematch down the line, but it won't be the next fight for either man.

Al Bello

After tonight's exciting back-and-forth battle on Showtime, which saw Peter Quillin score six knockdowns but not dominate the fight against Hassan N'dam, it has been made clear tonight at the post-fight press conference that N'dam and Quillin do have a signed rematch clause, but per WBO rules, the fight won't happen next.

Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer says that the two will meet again if it's "economically feasible," but there are a lot of wrinkles here. First off, it won't be immediate, and that is a WBO thing. So they'd each have to fight again, which isn't a big deal. Quillin, now with the WBO title, wont' have trouble finding an opponent, and N'dam could fight anyone back in France and just "get it over with," basically.

Second, "economically feasible" means a lot here. Golden Boy have stroke, and if they don't want to do a rematch, I don't know who would make them. Sanctioning bodies aren't known for their firm rulings on these matters, or for often fighting for "the little guy."

Third, N'dam says he wants the fight in France, which is simply not going to happen. Insisting upon France would be a sure way to make it not economically feasible, to be honest. U.S. TV wouldn't want it, which takes a lot of the interest out on the GBP and Quillin side.

And fourth, it seems like it was almost too good a fight to be true, and a rematch seems almost too good to actually happen. So yes, there is a rematch clause signed, and N'dam wants it, but there are a lot of potential roadblocks to actually making it a reality. Hopefully, they can do it again -- it doesn't have to be Brooklyn, but a place like Atlantic City would be good.

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