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Rafael Marquez vs Cristian Mijares - Better 4 years ago, maybe still good now

Sat. Oct. 27th Azteca Deportes brings you Rafael Marquez vs Cristian Mijares, two fighters long since removed from gracing pound for pound lists simultaneously. The vacant WBC Silver super bantamweight title will be on the line. Can these two former elites produce a fight as good as what they could manage in their primes?

Cristian Mijares, Edgar Sosa and Rafael Marquez before their Oct. 27 fights in Mexico City
Cristian Mijares, Edgar Sosa and Rafael Marquez before their Oct. 27 fights in Mexico City

As previously reported on Bad Left Hook, this Saturday, October 27, Rafael Marquez and Cristian Mijares are scheduled to compete for the vacant WBC Silver super bantamweight title and it will be televised by Mexico's Azteca 7. If this fight happened 4 or more years ago and 1 weight class lower it would have been the talk of the week among hardcore boxing fans. Now it's just another fight between two faded fighters that most fans outside of Mexico will never watch. The Silver title is probably up for grabs simply because of the name value each fighter holds. Well, that, and they're Mexican. But that's another story for another time...

Going by the ages and records of Marquez and Mijares in recent years can obfuscate who is actually expected to win. Marquez is 6 years older and is 4-4 in his last 8 fights while Mijares has won his last 10 straight. The difference is the level of opposition each faced and how they performed against them. Marquez might not be beating elite fighters anymore but at least he's fighting them and is actually giving a decent account for himself. Mijares on the other hand has played it safe since his 2nd loss to Nehomar Cermeno and has not looked particularly impressive doing it. Specifically as a super bantamweight Mijares looks and fights like he's overweight. Marquez on the other hand is natural for the division.

But regardless of what I think, both fighters are confident they can win.

"Marquez is a great opponent, a great fighter and very experienced but I'm very motivated, I know it will be a great fight - that's why I've done a lot in my preparation, I'm ready and confident that I will win this Oct. 27, I want to be world champion again and I will do it," said Mijares.

Meanwhile Marquez vows to retire if he can't get by Mijares. Marquez's trainer and hall of fame boxer Daniel Zaragoza had the following to say:

"My prediction is certainly a knockout win. I want to relaunch Marquez, as a fighter, with a knockout [victory]. We are confident that there will be a huge [attendence for this fight] because people know the value of this bout. [Rafael] is in great shape. He is in a good mood and his weight is fine. The knockout is something that comes, but he is prepared to succeed in any fashion."

Who do you think will win? If it's Mijares expect him to call out Nonito Donaire in his post fight interview. Hopefully no one will tell Donaire about it.

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