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Klitschko vs Wach: Johnathon Banks to serve as Klitschko's trainer, replacing Steward

Johnathon Banks - yes, the heavyweight fighter - will serve as Emanuel Steward's in-corner replacement for Wladimir Klitschko's November 10 fight against Mariusz Wach.

Nadine Rupp

Johnathon Banks, a current heavyweight fighter and a familiar face in Klitschko camps, will serve as Emanuel Steward's replacement for Wladimir Klitschko's November 10 fight in Germany against Mariusz Wach, a surprising and bold move, which manager Bernd Boente says Wladimir is very confident in making.

"Wladimir is very impressed by Johnathon. He says Banks can read a fight and know what tactics should be applied. He'll be a very good coach one day," said Boente.

Banks (28-1-1, 18 KO) has been featured on several Klitschko undercards in the past, and has served as a sparring partner numerous times for both Wladimir and Vitali. The 30-year-old Detroit fighter has his own fight coming up the weekend after that, as he faces Seth "Mayhem" Mitchell in Atlantic City, the HBO co-feature to the Broner vs DeMarco fight.

Steward is still recovering from diverticulitis, which has kept him out of this training camp. Boente says they're hoping to have Steward back at work in 2013.

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