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Berto vs Guerrero has interim WBC title on the line, not full title

Andre Berto and Robert Guerrero will fight for Guerrero's interim WBC welterweight title, as the sanctioning body has not made a decision on what to do with full champion Floyd Mayweather.

Gene Blevins-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

Andre Berto and Robert Guerrero will fight on November 24 for Guerrero's interim WBC title, according to Richard Schaefer, who indicates that no decision has been made by the sanctioning body on what to do with full champion Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather won the title in September 2011 and has never defended it, having fought just once since then, at 154 pounds, where he won the WBA junior middleweight title from Miguel Cotto. It would be hard to expect the WBC to just strip someone as prominent and favored as Mayweather is, so the ruling is of no real surprise.

Most likely, however, the winner of Berto-Guerrero will eventually be made full WBC champion if the decision comes from the WBC or from Mayweather that Floyd will not be defending that belt. That's still up in the air, and it's all on their side. There's nothing much anyone can do to force a decision there.

So there will be a belt on the line, and though it's only for interim status at the moment (and it almost makes sense for there to be an interim champion), it could soon be pushed to full champion status if Mayweather gives up the title.

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