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Nonito Donaire says Jorge Arce demanding too much money for December fight

Nonito Donaire says that negotiations have stalled for a fight with Jorge Arce because the Mexican star is demanding too much money.

Harry How

Nonito Donaire says that Jorge Arce is demanding too much money for a December 15 fight in Mexico City, which is why negotiations have once again stalled (or perhaps even flatlined) between the two sides.

But it's an interesting position he's taking, too:

"We already tried to ink the fight 5 or 6 times, but they keep on demanding everything. I have the belt and yet they're still demanding? ... "He can't ask for all this money if there's not even a lot of money that's going to be put in there."

Donaire emphasized that he has a minimum set for each of his fights with his promoters, which is why he doesn't need to bargain for a fight, and that his opponents need to lower their financial demands if they truly want to challenge him. Donaire's minimum with Top Rank is just a little below $800,000 per fight.

So, let's get this straight.

Donaire won't fight Guillermo Rigondeaux, because Rigondeaux isn't a name. OK. Fine. I don't really buy the logic, because it doesn't follow Donaire's pattern of fights he does take, but let's just go with that. Let's accept it for a moment.

So we get the Arce runaround again. Arce is a star, relatively speaking, for the 122-pound division. He's one of the most well-known names in that division. This is fine. I understand the fight. I don't like it, really, because I think it's a one-sided fight, but I understand it. If he wants a more well-known opponent, then Arce is definitely more well-known than Rigondeaux. (I also don't love the Rigondeaux fight. Probably boring.)

So Donaire wants to face a star fighter ... who can't be paid very much. ...

Well, good luck with that.

(Haters, haters, I know.)

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