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Ricky Hatton and Showtime back in business together on November 24

Ricky Hatton is returning to the ring on November 24, and returning to Showtime's airwaves in the United States.

Paul Thomas

Ricky Hatton's November 24 fight with Vyacheslav Senchenko will be aired live in the US on Showtime, and here's what Hatton has to say about the comeback, his first fight in over three years:

"People ask if I should come back, will I win, can I be world champ again. They don't get it. I've already won. I'm here. I saved myself. The end of the ‘Ricky Hatton Story' was not being knocked out by Pacquiao. I'm looking forward to getting back in the ring and showing what I can do. I want to get back in the title mix, but you can't do that by taking easy fights. That's why I'm taking on this guy.''

Showtime Sports boss Stephen Espinoza says it's a dangerous fight, too:

"This is a very dangerous opponent for a so-called comeback fight. Ricky is showing us that he wants to challenge himself and immediately put himself back in the mix with the top 147 pounders. There are a number of exciting matchups in this division, and with a win Ricky will be right back in upper echelon of the division."

Hatton vs Senchenko will air live at 5 pm ET on Showtime on November 24, delayed on the west coast, which is something Showtime really needs to get around to fixing.

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