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Dulorme vs Abregu results: Carlos Abregu scores the upset, stops Dulorme in seven

Carlos Abregu stopped Thomas Dulorme in seven rounds, scoring an upset and ending the hype behind the Puerto Rican prospect.

Carlos Baeza/Thompson Boxing

Carlos Abregu came up from Argentina and slammed the brakes on Thomas Dulorme's prospect hype train, flooring the Puerto Rican in the third round and again in the seventh, when Dulorme's corner stopped the bout, handing him his first loss.

Abregu (34-1, 28 KO) floored Dulorme (16-1, 12 KO) in the third on a right hand, and arguably should have been credited with a second knockdown that round. But Dulorme did recover, and turned southpaw with some success in the next couple of rounds.

But once he went back to his orthodox stance, it was once again Abregu dominating the fight but constantly landing right hands. In the seventh, he found them too often, hurting Dulorme again with a clean right hand, and then finishing him off moments later with a left hook.

Dulorme did get up, but his corner advised the referee to stop the bout, and it was stopped.

Dulorme's problem didn't appear to be his chin, really, but a leaky defense that got exposed by someone better and stronger than the likes of Yoryi Estrella, or even Chop Chop Corley and Charlie Navarro, Dulorme's best wins. He's got talent, but there is a lot of fixing to be done, and the Cotto/Trinidad comparisons need to stop, without question.

I feel like tonight's fight went just like Emanuel said it would. Thank you for joining us tonight.

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