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Floyd Mayweather Sr: 'Chad Dawson has no balls'

Floyd Mayweather Sr says that Chad Dawson, a fighter he once trained, lacks the guts to truly be considered a fighter.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr has always been known as a brutally honest, overly animated guy in interviews, but he gave one that was pretty lively even for Floyd Sr when speaking with Fight Hype's Percy Crawford recently. I know Floyd Sr isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I truly do recommend giving it a read. Big Floyd is at his most talkative in this one.

I did want to highlight one part, when he speaks about Chad Dawson, a fighter he used to train, and his recent loss to Andre Ward.

"He ain't no fucking fighter, and you know why? ... He quit when he could still fight. Motherfucker ain't got no fucking balls, man. He ain't got no balls, man; you could forget that. Anytime you see a guy quit like ain't never fucking seen me quit. A lot of these guys now don't have balls no more, man. They ain't got it."

It's as harsh a criticism as anyone has had of Dawson, and it comes from someone who knows "Bad" Chad pretty well. Obviously Floyd Sr is prone to exaggeration, and everyone is prone to "in my day," but it's there. He said it, and I think it makes for an interesting insight from someone who knows the subject, by which I mean Dawson, not the umbrella statement about today's fighters -- even if that might be true, too.

Floyd Sr was most recently in the news when it was reported that he would meet with Victor Ortiz, who is in search of a new trainer. Oscar De La Hoya reportedly recommended Floyd to Ortiz. It's a personality mismatch that I think most of us can't help but want to actually come through and be seen on Showtime's All Access or something. I've gotta see those two interact. I just have to.

Mayweather also says he's feeling better lately, and that his sarcoidosis has become manageable.

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