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Boxing results and recaps, Sept. 28-30: Carlos Cuadras dominates, Ismail Teboev avenges, & Giovanni De Carolis narrowly escapes

This weekend recap is devoted to events that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. It's part 2 of Monday's installment.

Zanfer Promotions

To read the first installment of this edition of the weekend recap, visit here.

2012-09-28 Centro Sportivo Tordiquinto, Rome, Lazio, Italy

This event was broadcasted on Italy's Rai Sport and posted by the promotional company Round Zero on YouTube.

Giovanni De Carolis SD12 Roman Shkarupa [115-112 Carolis, 114-113 Carolis, 113-114 Shkarupa]

Rounds were not easy to score by any means. After 4 of them open scoring reported a majority draw with Carolis leading 39-37 on one of the cards. Apparently Italian referee Guido Cavalleri was paying attention to the score as he warned Shkarupa for holding in round 5 when both parties were guilty then took a point for it upon the next infraction shortly afterward. Without this deduction, the bout is rendered a draw. This was by no means a pretty fight. The styles did not mesh well. The taller Carolis was overly content to wrestle on the inside with Shkarupa instead of working on the outside. The fact that Shkarupa often out boxed Carolis from a distance probably had a lot to do with that. In round 10 the referee gave Shkarupa another stern warning for holding and pushing, but could hardly find reason to justify another deduction for the rest of the fight as Shkarupa clearly did most of the effective punching. In the 12th Shkarupa appeared to have clearly dropped Carolis with a head snapping left hook, but the referee ruled it a slip. Ultimately Carolis did trip over Shkarupa's feet, but it was after being knocked silly by the punch. Between the 5th round point deduction and the lack of a 12th round knockdown, Shkarupa truly got hosed out of a decision. Shkarupa raised his hands in victory at the final bell while Carolis walked away shrugging as if admitting he underperformed.

Andrea Angelocore UD6 Ronny McField

McField, a journeyman on the road, fought well but was unlucky to not get the decision. The taller and longer Angelocore did well from a distance but most punches were blocked by McField's elbows and gloves. When McField worked his way inside, which he able to do consistently, he was very dominant. Angelocore's best move inside was to simply hold on until the referee broke them apart. As it was clearly intentional he should have been warned and eventually penalized. Be that as it may, once again an undefeated hometown prospect got a decision without turning too many heads. If nothing else it was a competitive, entertaining scrap. At least the announcer commended McField on his performance...

Emiliano Marsili UD6 Luis Garcia

Undefeated IBO lightweight champion Marsili, who fought with a spring in his step, thoroughly out classed journeyman Garcia. After being schooled for 5 rounds Garcia finally went down in the 6th from a left hook to the body but managed to get up and finish the fight. This non-title fight was clearly just a stay busy opportunity for Marsili, coming off a career best win against Derry Mathews in a thriller. The 6th of Mathews-Marsili is a candidate for round of the year.

Tobia Giuseppe Loriga UD6 Orlando Membreno

Credit must be given to Membreno in this bout for the performance he put on. He did not fight like a guy with a losing record (11-13 according to BoxRec prior to this loss). Loriga, who improved his record to 25-2-2, had only previously lost by KO while 10 of Membreno's 11 prior wins came via KO. Membreno made sure to test Loriga's chin early and had him rocked a few times. But Loriga rallied back and put in the cleaner, more consistent work overall, particularly from range. The only other thing I'd like to make note of was the referee, I didn't catch her name and I couldn't look it up, but she was a pretty blonde, approximately the size of a bantamweight... If you're suggesting my notes on the fight are lacking because I spent too much time paying attention to comment.

Stefano Loriga PTS6 Daniele Salvestri

In a sloppy, wild, and fun fight both fighters often left their chins out to dry and exchanged bombs. Some fans booed the decision but Salvestri noticeably faded from the 3rd round onward. That said Salvestri may have stolen the 4th round by landing the best single shot. But by that logic Loriga should have won the 1st round by doing the same thing. To make matters worse Salvestri intentionally spit his mouth piece out in the 5th multiple times, was deducted 2 points, and clearly lost the round apart from that. I'm not sure he landed a single punch in the 6th round. Quite frankly Salvestri looked like he wanted to quit and clearly lost the fight in the eyes of anyone that understands basic arithmetic. Yet some in attendance still booed. Whatever...

2012-09-29 Estadio Hector Espino, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

While all fights of this card were televised, they didn't all make the same broadcasts. Azteca Deportes aired different bouts depending on whether or not you were in Mexico or the United States. Even Meridiano TV out of Venezuela aired certain bouts of the card.

Carlos Cuadras TKO7 Ronald Barrera

In the main event of the evening undefeated Carlos Cuadras improved his record to 26-0 with 22 KOs and picked up the vacant WBC Silver super flyweight title. Currently rated #6 by Ring Magazine, Cuadras' performance this night indicated that he should probably start fighting other top, independently rated boxers. Anyways, Cuadras walked Barrera down through the course of this bout and punished him to the head and body. Barrera went down in round 3 after taking a solid combination in the corner, but due to Cuadras pushing his head down at the end it was ruled a slip. In either case Cuadras had won all of the first 3 rounds clearly. Cuadras was simply too strong and too sharp for Barrera, made most obvious by the ease of which Cuadras could land lead straight right hands. By round 6 however Cuadras had noticeably fatigued and although he was still winning, it was not with the same sharpness or aggression. But just as it appeared the tide might change, well placed body shots from Cuadras slowed Barrera down, opened him up, and lead to him withdrawing to the ropes where Cuadras immediately pounced and flurried until the ref stopped the fight. Barrera appeared more exhausted than anything else at the finish.

David Sanchez TKO5 Omar Rosales

Didn't take long for "Tornado" Sanchez to jump all over his opponent as he unleashed violent combinations after Rosales fell back to the ropes within the first 20 seconds due to being staggered by a left hook. Rosales fired back valiantly off the ropes but took a beating with most of the damage being done by hooks, overhands, and uppercuts. Rosales corner jumped in the ring to grab their man as soon as the round was over, getting him to sit down and rest as soon as possible. Rosales' legs didn't appear to ever fully recover through the remainder of the bout and he pretty much just got bullied to the ropes whenever Sanchez desired. The combinations from Tornado never stopped nor did Omar's willingness to stand and trade despite being clearly out gunned. I was honestly amazed Rosales even made it to the 5th round with the beating he took in this fight. He ate clean shots and was wobbly from beginning to end. Rosales showed the heart of the true warrior and despite looking ready to go multiple times in the 4th kept mounting enough of a comeback to keep the ref from stepping in. By the 5th his own corner could bare the beating he was taking no more and simply waved the fight off. It was the right decision. With this win Sanchez has now won his last 9 straight, 7 of which came by KO.

Drian Francisco KO1 Jose Carlos Vargas

Halfway into the round a straight right hand put Vargas down for the 1st time while he was preoccupied blocking a set up left hook to the body. Ironically enough the punches that put Vargas down for the final 2 times were also left hooks to the body. Vargas was damned if he blocked it and damned if he didn't. Although the round was nearly over and the referee was counting after the 3rd knockdown, Vargas didn't particularly try to get up and basically acknowledged he was overmatched against former interim WBA World super flyweight champion Drian Francisco.

Gilberto Parra TKO2 Jesus Hernandez

Despite a spirited start by Hernandez that had Parra on the defensive. Hernandez remained composed, covered up, and weathered the storm until he saw an opportunity to counter in between the shorter Hernandez's wide shots. Eventually as Hernandez wore down, with body shots helping him along, Parra pounded him into the ropes until he took a knee. Once Hernandez got back to his feet the round shortly ended. Hernandez appeared to have regrouped in the second, but he was eventually caught and battered into the ropes on 2 separate occasions. The stoppage appeared premature causing Hernandez and his corner to complain, but it didn't appear as if this was a fight he could win. Even though Parra would often allow Hernandez to get inside, Hernandez just wasn't strong enough to hurt Parra and the exact opposite often happened.

Jose Uzcategui TKO3 Octavio Castro

After walking his cagey opponent down in the first two rounds Uzcategui dropped Castro in the 3rd with a left uppercut straight right hand combination. The uppercut only appeared to graze Castro but the right hand caught him flush as he was pulling straight back. Castro never recovered and the fight was stopped after Uzcategui followed up with more right hands, left hooks, and jabs that put Castro down again even though they were mostly blocked. Castro was unfortunate to not be allowed more time to recover after the first knockdown. Uzcategui clearly began to throw another left uppercut that landed flush on Castro after he was already down (though technically stuck in between the bottom ropes). There wasn't even a warning.

Alejandro Gonzalez Jr KO1 Alvaro Calderon

I don't have much to say about this other than you need to watch it. Gonzalez finished Calderon with a clean, highlight reel, knockout of the year candidate left hook just 30 seconds into the bout. The way Gonzalez's head snapped and body collapsed cannot appropriately be summed up in words. Perhaps what I found most interestingly however was the fact that the referee actually counted all the way to 10 as Gonzalez laid flat out on the canvas, motionless besides his breathing. It has to make you wonder about referees who stop counting as fighters are actually trying to get back up. Personally it makes me mad.

Joselyn Arroyo Ruiz TKO4 Maria Guadalupe Guzman

Guzman was much shorter, tentative, hunched over, and lacked head movement. The fight was practically target practice for Ruiz from long range. After taking a beating for 3 rounds Guzman opted to not get off her stool to begin the 4th. The referee counted to 10 and ruled it a TKO.

Noe Lopez Jr SD6 Mario Cruz

In a battle between two journeymen, the southpaw with more experience losing to quality opposition emerged the victor, barely. Lopez established himself as the better counter puncher while the taller Cruz was often the one the get off first. The close final scorecards [58-56 Lopez (x2) & 58-57 Cruz] reflected a close fight that I believe the right man won based on landing the cleaner and usually more effective punches. The leverage Cruz was able to get on some of his best punches was sometimes enough to highlight the round even if the shots were partially blocked. The crowd was split as to who they thought deserved to win and Cruz was disappointed he lost. It's also worth mentioning that the lights went out with 18 seconds to go in the fight, lasting long enough for the referee to pause the contest. When the action resumed both fighters flurried to the end.

Edgar Ramirez KO2 Miguel Lazcano

After swinging and missing with a big left hook in the first round, the shorter Lazcano was out of position and consequently got floored with a straight right hand from Ramirez. A left hook to the body put Lazcano on his knees near the end of the round, the 2nd knockdown of the fight. Overall Lazcano simply couldn't establish range. Whenever Lazcano tried to close the gap he did so by jumping in with wide shots that Ramirez could see coming and easily defended against. A short counter right hand knocked Lazcano's mouthpiece out in the 2nd round and once the action resumed more right hands and left hooks to the body lead to Lazcano taking his 2nd and final knee of the fight. The ref wisely waved it off without protest.

2012-09-30 Hala MOSiR, ul. SPortowa 66, Nowy Dwor, Poland

This was broadcasted on a Sunday by TVP (Polish Television).

Ismail Teboev PTS8 Daniel Urbanski

In a rematch of their controversial 2011 encounter, the Russian Toboev avenged his previous defeat to Polish Urbanski. Teboev simply put together better combinations, single shots, and controlled the pace of the fight overall. Home court advantage just wasn't enough for Urbanski to escape with victory this time around. The bout however was still competitive. The audience was satisfied with the level of entertainment and the decision. There were no boos.

Michal Zerominski TKO3 Andrei Dolhozhyieu

After beating Dolhozhyieu from pillar to post in the 1st round, Zerominski started slower in the 2nd but gradually tore into him as the round progressed. Contrary to other reports, this fight did not end in the 2nd round. Dolhozhyieu's beating instead extended to the 3rd round where he was dropped twice but managed to finish on his feet. Referee Wlodzimierz Kromka eventually just had to call the fight off as Dolhozhyieu covered up against the ropes without throwing back. He was bleeding and physically spent from all the body shots Zerominski pounded him with.

Lukasz Maszczyk TKO1 Artsem Abmiotka

Both fighters showed good hand speed but the shorter Maszczyk appeared stronger showed a better arsenal of punches. Hooks to the body caused Abmiotka to keel over twice, which the referee responded with an 8 count then a stoppage.

Here's one card I have but haven't got around to viewing in full yet:
2012-09-29 Auditorio del Bicentenario, Morelia, Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico
Main Events: Robinson Castellanos TKO6 Omar Estrella / Zulina Munoz TKO9 Gabriela Bouvier
Networks: United States Fox Deportes / Mexico Televisa

If a bout is not mentioned which took place on one of the above cards it's most likely because I haven't got around to watching it yet. In the event that I do watch such a bout at a later time it's still unlikely I will update this recap. My recaps will be posted on Mondays and Wednesdays, devoted to cards that most casual American boxing fans haven't seen or heard of. For available footage of the previously reported bouts follow @sweetboxing on twitter. You may also email the author of this piece at

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