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Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan: Huck shooting for 'super champion' status with 10th WBO title defense

Marco Huck is ready to defend his WBO cruiserweight title for a tenth time, as he faces German veteran and former WBA champ Firat Arslan in Halle on November 3, at the site where he won the belt in 2009.

Photo Wende/Team Sauerland

Scoff if you wish, but fighters care about titles and the silly designations that often go with them. Marco Huck's WBO cruiserweight title defense against Firat Arslan on November 3 at Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany, will be the tenth time he's gone into a fight with his possession of that title on the line, and if he makes it out once more, he will be elevated to the status of "super champion' by the sanctioning body.

Huck (34-2-1, 25 KO) considers this an honor and spoke about it at the press conference for the fight, and also about his feelings for the venue, where he won the title in 2009 from Victor Emilio Ramirez, and later defended in 2011 against Ran Nakash.

"The Gerry Weber Stadium feels like a second home to me," he said on Tuesday. “This is where I became WBO world champion and also defended my title for the sixth time.

"But this time around, I have a special goal in sight. If I should be able to defend my title for the tenth time, I will be awarded with the status of the WBO super champion."

He also had nothing but kind words to say about the 41-year-old Arslan (32-5-2, 21 KO), who earlier this year gave Alexander Alekseev all he could handle in a European cruiserweight title fight, which wound up a draw, with many feeling Arslan had deserved the win. Either way, the veteran and former WBA champion has seen his career given new life with that performance.

"I would have preferred not to fight Firat. He is a very nice guy on a personal level. I watched his last fight and I know that he is a really tough opponent," Huck said.

For his part, Arslan says he's ready. “I know that I can still mix it up with the guys at the top. I want to be the world champion once more. The only thing that is important to me right now is November 3. I am excited about every fan coming to the arena. That will generate the atmosphere which such a great fight deserves.”

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