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Anthony Ogogo weighing options between turning pro and chasing Rio gold

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British bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo, who competed at middleweight in the 2012 London games, says he's considering turning professional rather than training for Rio.

Scott Heavey - Getty Images

According to a report from BBC Sport, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo, a middleweight who competed for Great Britain, is currently weighing his options: Will he turn professional, or prepare for a possible trip to Rio in 2016 to go for great amateur glory?

"It's a tough one. Do I stay amateur and go for Rio? My build-up to London wasn't easy. If there was a guarantee of going to Rio I may stay amateur. But the qualifying is tough. It's a nice position to be in. I've got some big promoters from around the world who would like to sign me. And amateur boxing want to keep me as well because they want to build on my success."

Ogogo, who turns 24 in November, was a bit lucky, perhaps, to get to bronze -- or maybe not lucky, but fortunate. His second-round win over top-rated Ievgen Khytrov of Ukraine was one of the most controversial of the tournament, a fight that went to double-countback and was ultimately decided by the judges simply picking which fighter they thought deserved the win.

But aside from some fortune, Ogogo was pretty impressive in London, and definitely held his own with Khytrov, even if you didn't think he deserved the win. He wasn't a medal favorite, and was eventually overwhelmed by Brazil's Esquiva Falcao in the semifinals, but he put on some memorable performances and had good fights, too. If he turned pro, there's no doubt that each of the UK's top promoters would be highly interested in investing in his future, and I'm sure he has heard offers from elsewhere, as well.