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Irish Olympian John Joe Nevin turning pro, joining Amir Khan's new promotional stable

Reports out of Ireland are that London 2012 banamweight silver medalist John Joe Nevin will turn pro, joining Amir Khan's new promotional outfit.

Scott Heavey - Getty Images

The Irish Times reports that John Joe Nevin, who won silver at bantamweight in London, will be joining the professional ranks, signed by Amir Khan's new Super Fight Promotions stable, which has started with Khan's brother, Haroon Khan, as the first signee.

Nevin, who lost to Great Britain's Luke Campbell in the gold medal match, had a very good showing in London, upsetting Cuba's Lazaro Alvarez in the semifinals before coming up short in a well-boxed final. Nevin has reportedly frequently stated a desire to make the move to the pro ranks.

How he projects is hard to say, since anything can happen and all that, but he definitely appeared to have the tools for a successful pro run. It will be more about how his career is handled, and whether or not Khan's new team becomes legit or just another vanity project that ultimately struggles greatly. Nevin, at least, would be a very legit signing, if the reports are true, and an indication that there are genuine intentions there.

Among the names to officially go pro out of London so far are six members of Team USA, who have signed with Al Haymon; Mexico's Oscar Valdez; Denmark's Dennis Ceylan, who already won his pro debut; and Germany's Enrico Kolling, who has also made a successful pro debut on September 29.

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